Blue Raspberry Regular Cloth Pad Set of 4

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Product Description

Have you ever thought about going green during your monthly period? Or maybe you need to "pad" your already built stash? Awww, boo to bad puns! But these regular cloth pads are still the perfect thing.


- Made out of clean, pre-washed materials so they won't shrink in the wash
- one layer of cotton knit and one layer of fleece (for a little bit of added water resistance on the bottom layer) make up the front and back. The middle is lined with 4 layers of bamboo. I don't use waterproofing materials or Zorb because I don't want any unknown chemicals or toxins in this product
- to be used on medium to light flow days
- fasten with a snap
- approximately 8.5 inches long and 2.5 inches across (when snapped) and 7 inches across (when not snapped)
- fleece on the back to keep the cloth pad from sliding around in your underwear
- long wings to protect underwear from unwanted leaks
- can be washed the the regular wash and dry cycle
- if taken care of properly these cloth pads can be reused for 5 or 6 years (or more!)
- no toxins used in the making of these cloth pads.
- due to the intimate nature of this product, all sales are final

I had a toxic shock reaction when wearing manufactured pads. This is why I'm very happy to be making and sharing these cloth alternatives. Not only are they good for the environment, kicking your carbon footprint down a notch, but they are also great for your body - no toxins or chemicals!

Here are a few benefits that I've found:

- Another way to become more eco-friendly is a plus
- saves on money. They're re-usable after washing.
- always accessible even in the middle of the night when you don't feel like running to the drugstore
- comfy - no plastic-y hot feeling. They're breathable.
- I love to have a back up when I think my period is going to start, but don't feel like wearing plastic all day just in case

** Please allow 5 to 7 business days for delivery within Canada. It may take longer to the US due to customs delays (possibly 7 to 10 days). International shipping times vary. ***

Blue Raspberry Regular Cloth Pad Set of 4 Blue Raspberry Regular Cloth Pad Set of 4 Blue Raspberry Regular Cloth Pad Set of 4 Blue Raspberry Regular Cloth Pad Set of 4

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