The Pajamas Keeper (Teddy Bears)

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Product Description

Do you love wearing your PJs as much as I do? Do you dream about coming home after a hard day's work and slipping into those comfy fleecy Pajama pants? Do you think about them while you're at work? No worries - you're not the only one. And wouldn't you love to know that they are being kept warm and cozy in their very own keeper - waiting for you to come home and show them some love? Introducing the Tawny Bee Pajamas Keeper!

- Made out of strong cotton
- Outside is made from a cotton that has teddy bears on a blue plaid background
- Inside is a navy blue and white plaid cotton
- Closes with a zipper to keep your jammies free of dust and Pajamas Stealing trolls who lurk under the bed
- "Pajamas Keeper" felt embroidered pattern with a felt moon and stars along the bottom of the front
- measures approximately 15 inches by 15 inches (a little taller when hung because of the hangar)
- A recycled hangar is included, but the pajamas keeper will fit most standard hangars if you wish to replace it. Or take the hangar out and place the keeper on your bed like a decorative pillow filled with comfy awesomeness.
- hang on your laundry sorter, in a closet, on the back of your bedroom or bathroom door, wherever is convenient! Just make sure to keep the zipper closed! (the pajamas trolls don't know how to thwart a zipper just yet - so your jammies will be safe from marauders).

**** Please allow 5 to 7 business days for delivery of your lost sock keeper within Canada. It may take longer to the US (possibly 10 -14 business days). International shipping times vary ****

The Pajamas Keeper (Teddy Bears) The Pajamas Keeper (Teddy Bears) The Pajamas Keeper (Teddy Bears) The Pajamas Keeper (Teddy Bears) The Pajamas Keeper (Teddy Bears) The Pajamas Keeper (Teddy Bears) The Pajamas Keeper (Teddy Bears)

Tawny Bee

I specialize in Mama Cloth, bamboo potty training pants, macrame friendship bracelets and toy hammocks.